LOOP DE LOOP is a creation by GN|MC Guy Nader | Maria Campos with EnKnapGroup dance company from Ljubljana in Slovenia lead by Iztok Kovac.

A commissioned work created in February 2016 and premiered in Spanski Borci on May 2016. This work continues the author’s previous choreographic principles.


LOOP DE LOOP travels into the curved paths of the circularity, dimensions and volumes that exist for a body in space. It searches for a continuous motion and how to alter the direction of that motion, playing with weightlessness and heaviness, body’s centrifugal force and rediscovering new directions for velocity and acceleration to happen. With its constant interest in the joy of repetition, the piece wants to draw our attention to the perception of time, memory and lived experiences, a series of infinite opportunities for time and space to be compared.


Title: LOOP DE LOOP | Concept/Choreography: Guy Nader | Maria Campos | Creation/Performance: EnKnapGroup: Luke ThomasDunne, Ida Hellsten, Bence Mezei, Ana Štefanec, Jeffrey Schoenaers | Music: Miguel Marin | Light design: Luka Curk | Rehearsal Director for EnKnapGroup: Tanja Skok | Costume design: Katarina Škaper | Photo: Andrej Lamut | Production: Zavod EN-KNAP


35 minutes