About GN | MC


GN | MC is an ensemble that involves the artistic works of the two choreographers and dancers, Guy Nader and Maria Campos. Based in Barcelona, the Lebanese and Spanish artists collaborate together since 2006 and have been creating several works shown internationally in different festivals and venues.


GN | MC have been developing their own artistic language through movement and constantly redefining themselves while searching for new contexts and territories for dance. Their artistic work continues to pass over a wide range of progression.

“Our approach to dance reconfigures from one project to another, with every work achievement it becomes a learning process where we discover new places to explore, that later on lay out into a specific language and contour.”

Guy Nader and Maria Campos have a common ground in their individual approach to dance, where both look for a high demanding physicality aiming to push the body into its limits. Seeking for strength and delicacy of their own bodies, they allow a whole spectrum of imaginary to rise, discovering and providing an endless body landscape. Together they have drawn a common interest in the partnering work where they experiment new ways of approaching the relation between two or more bodies, developing strategies and tasks in order to provide the body a distinct image and perception.

Guy Nader was awarded with the first prize in Masdanza International Festival in 2010 with his solo WHERE THE THINGS HIDE.

BTWIN BARCELONA BEIRUT, GN | MC ‘s first duet, was invited to open the Arab Dance Platform in 2009 in Beirut International Platform Of Dance BIPOD festival and received the B-Motion prize in Madrid Choreographic Contest and second prize in Certamen de Sabadell.

ZENITH their fourth collaboration was premiered at Beirut International Platform of Dance 2012, awarded with a residency in Bassano del Grappa and UC3/Universidad Carlos III in Madrid Choreographic Contest.

Maria Campos solo work TARANNÀ created in several phases during 2012-2014 will be presented in January 2016 at Mercat de les Flors in Dan Dan Dansa for young audience.

In 2014 GN | MC create PERPETUUM a piece for 15 dancers from MTD2 commissioned by the School for the Arts in Amsterdam.

TIME TAKES THE TIME TIME TAKES the new creation for 2015 is a quintet with live music by Miguel Marin.

GN | MC also collaborate individually with different artists. Guy Nader together with Mickael Marso / Décalage Company created MATCHES in 2014 premiered in the International Dance Festival Birmingham in UK.

Alongside their work as choreographers GN | MC regularly teach workshops and classes worldwide at organisations, professional studios and schools such as Henny Jurriëns Stichting, MTD/ Theatreschool AHK in Amsterdam, Dansateliers in Rotterdam, 16th Dance & Non Verbal Theatre Festival in San Vincenti in Croatia, Maqamat Dance Theatre Studio in Lebanon, Institut del Teatre/Superior Conservatory for Dance, La Caldera creation centre in Barcelona.