1 MAY 2024

Partnering | Creation Tools masterclass GN | MC

Abril en Danza, Alicante, Spain

23-28 JUL 2024

Partnering | Creation Tools workshop GN|MC

b12, Berlin, Germany

29 JUL-2 AUG 2024

Falling & Rolling workshop GN

DO Festival, Gdansk, Poland

5-9 AUG 2024

Partnering | Creation Tools workshop GN | MC

Tanzwerkstatt Europa, Munich, Germany

GN | MC regularly teach workshops and classes worldwide at organisations, professional studios and schools such as B12 in Berlin, Henny Jurriëns Stichting, MTD/ Theatreschool AHK in Amsterdam, Dansateliers in Rotterdam, Accademia Nazionale di Danza in Rome, Ménagerie de Verre in Paris, ConnectLab#4 at Tic Tac Art Centre in Brussels, Maqamat Dance Theatre Studio in Lebanon, Institut del Teatre/Superior Conservatory for Dance, La Caldera creation centre in Barcelona.


GN | MC have developed together a partnering vocabulary, common in their work as a constant element that sets up a specific way of approaching movement.

This workshop is based on the vocabulary and movement generators developed in GN | MC’s creations.

“We search for mechanics in movement, observing the movement in order to multiply paths and approaches. By understanding the complexity of movement anatomy we look into the possibilities that the body offers to increase the movement vocabulary.”


By Guy Nader

This workshop is based on a physical and powerful floorwork using movement patterns that involve breathing, speed and release of energy throughout the body to activate the relationship between the centre and limbs.  We will focus on exploring the main laws of physics: cohesion and expansion, elements from the flying low technique. Within this range we will study various ways to roll in all directions “Falling and Rolling”, dropping and lifting smoothly and quickly by keeping a low and strong centre. We will also investigate and focus on understanding the anatomy of the locomotor system, because without this knowledge, it can cause unnecessary loss of energy.

In this training we will do special exercises to prepare for this form of physically demanding movement.


By Maria Campos

“I will propose patterns and sequences of movement on a horizontal and vertical planes, entering and leaving the floor based on the floor work/release technique. We will introduce the principles of weight and gravity as well as working with a low centre rooted and grounded to empower the pelvic area and to be able to move lightly in and out of the floor. “


By Maria Campos

This is a workshop for families where children and parents interaction throughout dance, body and movement. A proposal that opens up the doors for an imaginary offered by the body, a divertimento that explores those possibilities that already exist in the body but are perhaps hidden. Looking into it from another perspective in order to stimulate our imagination, involving the architecture of the body and space and creating group dynamics to dance together.

See article in newspaper ‘La Vanguardia’.