Experience Cement

gn-mc Guy Nader and Maria Campos Experience Cement

20 November

About This Project

This piece is the first collaboration between Guy Nader and Maria Campos. A duet directed by Maria Campos.

Due to a complicated bureaucratic process Guy Nader, as a foreigner living in Barcelona was not able to obtain the UK visa where EXPERIENCE CEMENT was premiered at The Place, Resolution!07. After one month of creation process, he had to be substituted by another performer. That incidence led GN | MC in the next collaboration BTWIN BARCELONA BEIRUT to approach the theme of frontiers and social immigration phenomena.


EXPERIENCE CEMENT suggests the observation of a world of cement that leads to isolation. Disengaging with what surrounds us. Getting lost in a vast crowd driving to a lack of identity and self-recognition. Keeping up with the vertiginous pace and experiencing the taste of cement.


Title: EXPERIENCE CEMENT | Direction: Maria Campos | Creation: Maria Campos, Guy Nader, Isabel Ollé | Performance: Maria Campos, Isabel Ollé | Advice: Guy Nader | Music: Sixty Nine Million Inches | Support: Centre Cívic Barceloneta


20 minutes