Fall Seven Times


October 27, 2016


FALL SEVEN TIMES is a creation by GN|MC Guy Nader | Maria Campos with eleven dancers of tanzmainz Staatstheater Mainz premiered on 27th October 2016 at the Kleines Haus in the city of Mainz in Germany.


In an attempt to defy gravity and its pull, we create a space of contrasts between heaviness and lightness. A constant challenge between weight and weightlessness, through permanent motion that evolves into a dialogue of movement oscillation, repetition and accumulation.
Using zero gravity as a metaphor for human impulse to reach beyond our present reality as a real escape from it reminding that gravity is ultimately inescapable.
Assemblages in equilibrium and tangled structures unfold in a volatile and energetic dance, an ultimate suspension of eternal dangling movements that resist gravity.


Title: FALL SEVEN TIMES | Concept/Choreogarphy: GN|MC Guy Nader | Maria Campos | Creation/Performance: tanzmainz: Ada Daniele, Amy Josh, Tijana Pendrovic, Giulia Torri, Zachary Chant, Caspar Knops, Finn Lakeberg, Thomas Van Praet, Mattia De Salve, Matti Tauru, Alexander de Vries | Music: Miguel Marin | Dramaturgy: Honne Dohrmann | Scenography: GN|MC | Costume: Lucia Vonrhein | Photos: Andreas J. Etter | Production: Staatstheater Mainz, tanzmainz


45 minutes