gn-mc Guy Nader and Maria Campos Perpetuum

20 November

About This Project


GN | MC create PERPETUUM a piece for 15 dancers from MTD2 commissioned by the School for the Arts in Amsterdam in 2014.

This piece was presented at Dansmakers in Amsterdam and later on presented in Korzo theatre in Den Hague, inside Bold in Motion 3 program.

“PERPETUUM was a big challenge, having to deal with a big group of dancers. The result was surprising and we were overwhelmed by the engagement capacity of each member of the group that made this creation so special.”


Life may be emerged from the inert. Indeed an attempt to provide a conceptual framework we are inspired by the phenomena of matter and its constant evolution. We look into the living state of matter, a behavior extraordinarily varied and subtle.


Title: PERPETUUM | Direction: Guy Nader | Maria Campos | Creation/ Performance: Malika Ali, Kim Amankwaa, Lien Baelde, Vera Goetzee, Michael de Haan, Patrick de Haan, Yoko Haveman, Daria Hlynkina, Mark Christof Klee, Charlotte Mathiessen, Coralie Merle, Pascal Sangl, Sarah Soethoudt, Nao Odagawa, Honoka Minami | Music: Steve Reich, Polmo Polpo | Drawing: Edgar Jansen


Video available on request


15 minutes